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"HAHIMAN" brand was born from the inspiration of the Hachiman Shrine.
The fabrics and clothing are inspired by the Silk Road and the rich acient culture of Kyoto.
We strive to keep the fighting spirit of the Samurai watched over by the Hachiman
spirit and give you the best mordern and traditional Japanese quality and creativity.

Brand name is called “HACHIMAN”. Hachiman is derived from ”HACHIMAN-SHRINE”
HACHIMAN can read “YAHATA” in Japanese also."YA-HATA" is meaning "HATA"tribe of YH GOD.
“HATA” tribe were established HEIAN-KYO (Old Capital KYOTO).
HATA tribe seems to have arrived from KUDARA or SHIRAGI (Old KOREAN Countries). And They have route of SHIN that is acient Chinese conutry famous as the first emeror. SHIN was small country of western part of CHINA. And it was place of transit for SILK ROAD. With thinking over that YA-HATA is dirive from ”God of YHWH” so named HACHIMAN.
JAPAN is the terminal of SILK ROAD. JAPAN has special technique of textile and dye. That were derived from SILK ROAD.
We will produce clothes to use them. and we will try to appeal from Japanese traditional house of Toji temple for all over the world.
By the way,real name of Toji temple is "Hachiman-san(mountain), golden light from four guardians' Temle for teaching King(emperor)how to gard coutry with teaching secret special way."
so Name of "Hachiman"has deep relation-ship with "Toji Temple."and feeling colsely.
The main concept is “GENTLY ENFOLDING FIGHTING MAN” Because HACHIMAN-GOD is guardian of SAMURAI. and as sub concept, we put “CULTURED FASHION PROPOSAL” and aim at “FRONTIER FOR THE GENRE OF JAPANESE TRAD”

  • 夢家ハチマンロゴ入りTシャツ
  • 夢家ハチマンロゴ入りキャップ
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We are developing products that combine Kyoto's tradition with the latest trends

  • traditional kyoto foam print

    traditional kyoto foam print

  • traditional kyoto dyed techneque

    traditional kyoto dyed techneque

  • traditional persimmon dyed

    traditional persimmon dyed

  • natural indigo denim fabrics

    natural indigo denim fabrics

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